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     Enrolment Information. Tips, content & guides to get prepared to study.

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     Fees & Finances. TheWRD opens access to music and the creative industries.

TheWRD delivers
outstanding value &
quality to all our students.

We are dedicated to provided career-defining music education to students from all walks of life.

By opening access to expert educators, innovative technology and the professional music community, our course delivers excellent value for money.

TheWRD represents an affordable and unparalleled opportunity to pursue your chosen path in the music industry – whether that’s skilled employment, further study or a higher apprenticeship.

To help us deliver this promise, we work with leading organisations in the creative industries to provide our students with opportunities, insights and support our bursary scheme to help students who need financial assistance.

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       Student Support. When you need help or support we're here for you.

We all need a helping hand
sometimes. That’s why our
friendly and experienced
support network is here if you
ever need them.

Whether it’s a issue with your studies, health and
wellbeing, professional or student life, our team is
at hand to offer confidential support and guidance.

To support you on your journey, we have support in
place to help you before you start and while you’re
studying TheWRD.

We strive to make all our services available to
every student, regardless of background, identity,
faith, culture, gender or sexuality.

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     Student Life. A time to discover and make things happen.
Studying TheWRD is about being part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s a place of discovery and turning potential into reality.
It’s about making lifelong connections and being part of a diverse
community of talented people who contribute to our individual and
collective growth, success and wellbeing.

"Everything is made super clear and the format is really working for me too..."


Amber Higgins, TheWRD student

TheWRD system allows for online and IRL connections between budding industry professionals and creators.

Students benefit from the additional support supplied by the experts at TheWRD, both from industry and specialist student and pastoral support.

Students collaborate and create wherever they are in the city, the country, the world. TheWRD connects and creates community across traditional boundaries.

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